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Reduction of nitrate to nitrite

Add a small amount of zinc (a toothpick full) to each broth.
Add a small amount of powdered zinc.
January 30, 2015 tankeshwar, bacteriology, Bacteriology Note, Biochemical tests in Microbiology, laboratory diagnosis of Bacterial Disease, nitrate reduction test is used for the differentiation of members.Results, Interpretation, and Reporting Isolates may be reported as Nitrate-positive if nitrite (pink color) is detected in the inoculated medium after the addition of reagents A and B or if no color is detected in the medium after the addition of zinc dust.If no color has developed in 30 min., interpret the test as positive.Catarrhalis ) on chocolate agar incubated in a carbon dioxide-enriched atmosphere at 35C.5C for 18 to.Thus, the reaction may be dependent on preformed enzyme.Insufficient inoculum may not permit organisms to use up oxygen code reduction rue du commerce canape to produce anaerobic conditions in which nitrate reduction can occur.Specimen Requirements Optimum specimen: A pure culture of a suspect gram negative, oxidase-positive diplococcus ( Neisseria spp.With a sterile swab, prepare a heavy suspension of well-isolated colonies from a pure culture of the isolate incubated on chocolate medium at 35C.5 C in a carbon dioxide-enriched atmosphere for 18 to.If you get a red color, then you can stop at this point.
Gonorrhoeae cells use up the oxygen rapidly if sufficient cells are inoculated into the medium.A positive nitrate reductase test is obtained with the negative control strain,.Enterobacteriaceae on the basis of their ability to produce nitrate reductase enzyme that hydrolyze nitrate (NO3) to nitrite (NO2) which may then again be degraded to various nitrogen products like nitrogen oxide, nitrous oxide and ammonia (NH3) depending on the enzyme system of the organism.The reaction will occur best if the base medium supports growth of the organism.The simplest solution is to obtain more nitrate medium ensuring that nitrate has been added to the base medium.No color change means that no nitrate was present.This reacts with the -naphthylamine to form a red-colored compound. .Fig: Nitrate Reduction Pathway, other uses of Nitrate Reduction Tests are: Differentiating, mycobacterium réduction mammaire et perte de poids species.

If the medium turns pink after the addition of Zn powder, the result is negative.