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Reduction controle technique autovision

reduction controle technique autovision

But Lee Johns, director of product marketing for HP StorageWorks, listed primary storage as a low priority in HP's dedupe roadmap.
David Russell, a research vice president at Stamford, Conn.-based Gartner Inc., said deduplication needs approximately five years to catch on in the coupon reduction sfr backup space, but predicted a shorter timeframe for dedupe and compression in primary storage.
Companies such as Hewlett-Packard (HP).
"Primary storage optimization has become a checkbox item for everybody in the file space.Some use sophisticated hashing algorithms to pinpoint identical data; others use simple algorithms."For the immediate future, the goal of Dell/Ocarina is to get integrated with the primary storage stuff, and maybe we'll work with partners on backup." In the primary storage space, Dell plans to focus on integrating the technology into both its NAS and block-based storage.The sort of end-to-end capabilities that Dell and HP ultimately envision, with data passing between systems in deduped and/or compressed form, with no rehydration required, will be restricted to their proprietary environments unless there's a movement for interoperability standards.In August, EMC extended its data reduction to block-based data with the introduction of LUN compression for its Clariion CX4 and Celerra NS lines.Model No:NG IFB, insulating fire Brick, light weight insulation Brick, fire Brick, refractory Brick, insulation fire Brick, insulation Brick, hot face Brick, insulating Brick, cold face Brick, silica Brick, Brick, refractory, fireproof material, lining Brick, lining for furnace, lining for kilns, Brick, bricks, IFB, refractories."If primary performance is really important to you, you're probably going to want it as a post process; and if managing capacity in real-time is important to you, then you're going to want it inline he said.If not, the system must expand the data back to its full size, or rehydrate it, before passing it to a product that supports another vendor's deduplication and/or compression technology.Some operate inline or real-time; others post-process.Dell may sell an appliance for NAS, as Ocarina Networks did before the acquisition, and remains interested in continuing Ocarina's plans for an embeddable edition for NAS vendors, a direct-attached storage (DAS) option and a port for Windows servers, according to George.
Some work on data blocks of fixed size; others operate on blocks of variable size; some get more granular than others.
"If I could do this in the file system, why not?" he said.He predicted that vendors offering data reduction methods for primary storage will differentiate themselves in two cadeau de noel pour femme 15 ans ways: air asia promo bali by how well and how fast they deduplicate or compress data, and by their end-to-end IT infrastructure capabilities.IBM plans early next year to add a file system interface to its."Many of these vendors have to stand up and deliver some significant proofs of concept about their performance under demanding production workloads before I'll say, 'Hey, I expect adoption everywhere Taneja Group's Boles said.IBM isn't the only company tweaking its backup deduplication.So, you're going to need faster processors, and they keep getting faster.".EMC Celerra, nS Series systems.Nemechek said that could prompt customers to use ProtectTier for primary data."The verdict is still out in my book." However, Tony Asaro, founder and senior analyst at The INI Group LLC, predicted that primary storage deduplication will be a "requisite going forward in the next few years" and that "customers have to start demanding it even.IBM also rebranded Storwize's main product as the IBM Real-time Compression Appliance for NAS and discussed plans to use the Storwize brand for a new storage virtualization disk array, which does not yet include the data reduction capabilities.

But, he added, "Moore's Law is really going to make primary dedupe much more doable as time goes.
A proven technology in the backup space, deduplication made inroads into primary storage with NetApp Inc.'s 2007 introduction of a free add-on for its FAS and NearStore customers.