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Cumulative learning theory gagne

Organize information so that it can be learned in chunks.
Human intellectual development is the building of increasing complex structures of human capabilities.How many levels deep would we need to go in such a hierarchy?Once this brief introduction of the theory is completed, I will attempt to turn this theory "back upon itself" while idee cadeau jardinage examining the strengths and weaknesses of it's various assumptions.New York, NY: Holt.What skills did you acquire in history, philosophy, or biology courses?When followed, these events are intended to promote the transfer of knowledge or information from perception through the stages of memory.
Gagne's instructional theory has three major elements.
Most teachers do not use the kind of language contained in this framework (e.g., terms such as presenting the stimulus, or eliciting performance).The conditions of learning A central notion in Gagne's theory is that different kinds of learning outcomes have different internal and external conditions that support them.I will again structure my comments following the three areas of the theory as described by Driscoll (1994).Different internal and external conditions are necessary for each type of learning.Boston: Allyn and Bacon.Introduction to Gagne, gagne's work has been particularly influential in training and the design of instructional materials.This leads directly to a discussion of the events of instruction.In other worlds, instruction should provide a set of component tasks and sequence those tasks to ensure the learners' mastery of each component task and the optimal transfer of the final task.Learning is the mechanism by which an individual becomes a competently functioning member of society.

Both Bloom and Gagne believed that it was important to break down humans' learned capabilities into categories or domains.
As a teacher the domains of learning have helped me to better organize my thoughts and the objectives of the instructional lesson.
Of the five categories of learning outcomes Gagne proposes, the one that seems to have gotten the most attention is intellectual skills.