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This protocol is known as post-exposure prophylaxis.Since the disease is almost always fatal once symptoms begin, the treatment at this point is largely supportive.If you are going (for some reason) to touch it, first make sure its really dead.However, popular media has ignited a fear that the rabies virus, or..
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Closed reduction of fracture

Comminuted fracture one in which the bone auchan bon de réduction is splintered or crushed, with three or more fragments.
This holds the fracture or joint in a stable position (page 260 of lingerie promo the ingenix coder's desk reference)." external fixation is also accomplished by noninvasive means such as traction or the use of casts or splints.See also specific types of fractures.Mortality rates after hip fracture are influenced by the patient's age, general physical health, and the type of fracture.This position keeps the shoulders back and prevents the broken ends of the bone from rubbing.Spiral fracture one in which the bone has been twisted and the fracture line resembles a spiral.Fracture fixation, n the fractured fragments of bone are stabilized in close proximation to promote healing.Open reduction with internal fixation may be required and is performed when the patient is judged to be hemodynamically stable.Fracture, compound, n a fracture in which the bony structures are exposed to an external environment.
Afterwards the limb is restored to complete function by physical therapy and exercise.
Spontaneous fracture pathologic fracture.Nonunion of fracture See: nonunion occult fracture A fracture that is suspected based on clinical grounds (e.g., guarding, pain, and swelling) but not seen on x-rays.Complete fracture A fracture in which the bone is completely broken (i.e., neither fragment is connected to the other).Use of an incentive spirometer is encouraged to prevent atelectasis and respiratory complications.Boxer's fracture A fracture of the distal end of the fourth or fifth metacarpal with posterior displacement of the proximal structures.Oblique fracture one in which the break extends in an oblique direction.Hangman's fracture A bipedicular fracture of the second cervical vertebra, often with a concomitant dislocation of the vertebra.See: illustration ; acromiohumeral ; capitellum ; cubitus ; glenoid cavity In a fracture of the shaft and lower end of the humerus, the limb is put in a cast in a position midway between pronation and supination with the humerus cadeau gardienne at right angles.Contemporary hangman's fractures occur mostly in automobile accidents or athletic competitions.Pathologic fracture one due to weakening of the bone structure by pathologic processes such as neoplasia or osteomalacia; see illustration.